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School introduction

Founded in 1906,Beihua University is a comprehensive university. It is evaluated as an excellent institution by the Ministry of Education, and the demonstration base for foreign students come to learn in China. The University has 80 specialties for undergraduates and 116 for master degree , containing Economics, Law, Pedagogy, Literature, History, New-Confucianism, Engineering, Agronomy, Medicine, Management, and so on.

Since 1984, Beihua University began to accept foreign students. It is one of the universities who carry out foreign students training early. Beihua University is approved to accept Chinese government allowance, Jilin province government allowance, and Confucius Scholarship for foreign students. It is the foreign study destined university especially for the students of clinic medicine major (which deliver lessons in English ). Over 700 international students from more than 60 countries and regions have come to the university for further study. The university regards highly international exchange and cooperation, taking advantage of the scientific achievements and experience of school running of foreign universities, exploring our road of internationalization and modernization in the communication of national culture and the achievements of the world civilization. It has successively established exchange-and -cooperation relation with 61 universities or educational institutions from countries like America, Japan, South Korea, Britain, Russia, etc. Beihua University began to run international students exchange programs with two universities respectively in Britain and Finland, and Kangwon National University and Beihua University co-established Confucius Institute. It has been awarded “International students advanced education collective”. Extracting the essence from the higher education reform achievements, succeeding the accumulated inside information of the original four colleges, and by the means of improving specialties’ structure, completing schooling hierarchy, adjusting teaching body, and achieving certain scale of infrastructure, Beihua University has gradually furthered the international education and academic exchange. Currently, abiding by the school motto of “Advocating moral integrity and hard learning; Upholding self -reliance and earnest practice”, the whole faculty of the university are striving to model Beihua University as a domestic well-known comprehensive university with certain influence internationally.