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College of International Education Exchange

International Education Exchange College, being equipped with college office, international students’ program (management) office, and functional departments, like Chinese as a Foreign Language Teaching Center, etc, is responsible for international communicating, international students’ recruitment and management.

The international students’ program (management) office is in charge of students’ recruitment and the correspondent management work. With professional international student management team who are equipped with abundant international student training experience and skilled in different languages, including English, Korean, Japanese, Russian, etc, and taking advantage of university-college two edge management model, the office is qualified enough to accomplish the responsibilities.

Built in 1984, Chinese as a Foreign Language Teaching Center undertook the responsibility of “introducing China to the world, and making the world have a good knowledge of China”, based on the distinct features of the humanity and internationalization of Chinese language and culture, to cultivate international talents with sound language foundation and good knowledge of Chinese language literature and culture who can finally take charge of international culture communication and Chinese utilizing related works. Beihua University is the only designed spot for HSK examination, and the exam passing rate of the university ranks advanced level in Jilin province.