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undergraduates Programs

Beihua University is one of the universities who have accepted foreign undergraduates early. Since 2003, students from over 60 countries and regions have come to Beihua University to pursue undergraduate degree, and the registered foreign undergraduates have accounted for over 70% to the total international students’ population. 

Graduates Programs

Beihua University has 116 master degree programs. Since 2007, students from over 30 countries and regions have come here to have further study. In the recent years, subjects like management and medical science are favored by foreign students. Each year these subjects’ application population rises constantly. 


Beihua University is a eligible university to receive foreign students of government scholarships, Confucius Institute scholarships and Jilin provincial government scholarships. Since 2007 Beihua University has cultivated no less than 500 foreign students of different scholarships from over 50 countries and regions.

Language Learning Project

Cultivation of Chinese language learners is aimed to improve Chinese language communicative competence of foreign students and enable them to know more about Chinese history, culture and overview of the whole country, thus make those students high-qualified international talents with skilled Chinese language communicative competence to meet employment needs.

English-Taught Programs

Since 2006, Beihua University has been recruiting international students in China major in Clinical medicine ( undergraduate course taught in English), and has fostered more than 1000 international students in China from more than 20 countries including the US, Canada, Pakistan, Somalia, India, Australia, Kenya and Ethiopia.



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