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I’m in Beihua University


I’m a student in Beihua university, majoring in medical science. I have been in Beihua University for almost three years, and I am used to the life here. I will continue to learn in Beihua for another three years, but I feel happy to be with tutors and classmates. I love the life in China


I have been studying in China for more than three years unconsciously, and each day of my life here is enriched with freshness and joy. I have attended several activities like Cultural Festival Chinese Bridge competition and some sports competition, during which I had some knowledge of Chinese traditional culture. Waterscape Squire is where I always come to relax myself. I love Beihua Universit...


I have been learning in Beihua University for two years, majoring in Economy Management. Besides specialties, I learn Chinese, and I enjoy the learning process. Teachers here are young and humorous. When we ever came across any difficulties, teachers would ardently help us out. As for me, an excellent university shall not only be equipped with sound infrastructure, but be filled with good teachers


I think Beihua University is a great university with many foreign students. I love this university, especially the teachers here. Since I came to China, I dare not to answer questions on the class, so I have to work hard to catch up with the others


I love the library of Beihua University, because it is big and with many English collections. I love the winter in the North, because I love the pure snow. I love Beihua University. I love my teachers here. I love the winter in Jilin

Kim Woojin

I feel pleased in the past months in China. I’ve learnt Chinese knowledge from teachers, especially the knowledge related to listening and speaking. I also met many new friends. Since I will be back to Korea the next year, I do feel reluctant to leave my teachers and friends here


I have been in Beihua University for one and a half years. I love the teachers and the students here. I love to talk with teachers. Jilin is a beautiful city, especially in winter. I love Jilin


I felt happy to live in Beihua University. I have achieved scholarships. I love the learning environment, my dormitory, and my friends here. I always go to hit the gym. I have tasted courses from different countries. I love Chinese course. I love Jilin city, and I hope it develop better and better. I have been to many famous places in China

Lu Fei

I am a postgraduate in Beihua University, majoring in college student psychology. I think choosing Beihua University is my best ever choice, and I am very proud to be one of the members here


I personally think Beihua University is an excellent university with many specialties. Besides, the professors here are warm-hearted and patient. They always try their best to teach us. The class schedule is also made reasonable, which not only provide time for us to absorb the knowledge but allow us to have a good rest. I think this is good, for appropriate learning and resting ensure a sober ...


I have learnt a lot in Beihua University, and I also met a lot of adorable teachers and friends. Being abroad, I always moved by their warm deeds. Chinese culture is extensive and profound. Chinese martial arts, beating a drum, calligraphy and Pecking Opera are really amazing. Climatic change and various cultures fulfilled me with freshness. During the period from June 3rd to June 6th in 2014, ...

Pu Zhaozhen

Each Wednesday is the date to host Chinese corner for us to practice Chinese. You would meet many Chinese fiends in the communication meeting, and we could talk about Chinese culture, Korean culture, and some other interesting topics. We help each other and learn from each other. Once, I met a Chinese friend named “Kong Liqian”, and later she took me to the night market and we made a lot of f...


Beihua University provides us nice environment and learning atmosphere, and teachers here are patient with students. Here you could learn a lot of knowledge, and make a great progress on Chinese level without notice. There is a specialized dining hall for foreign students, and there is various food for students to choose. In the last semester, I have attended a lot of activities to experience t...


It was my first time to come to China three years ago, I think it’s really beautiful. It has centuries-old history. I love the tradition and culture here. Though small it is, I love the quietness of Jilin city. In summer, the beautiful scenery could bring you to a fairy story. In winter, it is even more beautiful with the famous frost and some other famous scenery like Songhua Lake, Longtan Mo...


“This place is quiet”, this is the first impression the city left me. The dormitory environment is very comfortable. We have our individual bathroom in each dorm, and we share a common kitchen. I think most of my teachers are ardent and they understand us well. There are many restaurants and supermarkets around the university, which make our lives more convenient. Besides, there is a bus stop...


The College of Medicine of Beihua University is one of the most selective medical schools in the nation. Its faculty, among the most highly regarded clinicians and physician-scientists in academic medicine, prepare students to be medical leaders while working to solve intractable health challenges through clinical, laboratory, and translational research


Being in one of the most reputable university of China, my life and the experiences with this university have been going marvelous. When I was first here, I was really thrilled to see, how qualified, dedicated and enthusiastic the faculty was and how well it has still managed to be that way and yet improve. This university, helping me pursue my Bachelor's Degree in the field of Medicine, has ma...