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Beihua University Chinese Government Scholarship Independent Recruitment Method Government Scholarship

(一)Recruitment Category:

Full-time college post-graduates.

( 二 ) Recruitment Target:

Only new students recruited from overseas directly.

( 三 ) Application Requirement:

Applicants should be non-Chinese citizens and be in good health. Applicants for master’s degree programs must have a bachelor’s degree and be under the age of 35.

( 四 ) Scholarship Coverage

Exemption from registration fees, tuition and accommodation fees on campus;

Monthly CNY 3000 living allowance for masters Comprehensive insurance.

Offering Comprehensive insurance for Government Scholarship Applicants.

( 五 ) Scholarship Coverage
  • Firstly apply online (, the enrollment code of Beihua University is 10201)

  • After the application online,please submit the below Application Documents to Beihua International Education Exchange Institute Office
  • The original and duplicate of Application Form for Chinese Government Scholarship (to be filled out in Chinese or English).

  •    Download from or this website.
  • Notarized highest diploma: Prospective diploma winners must submit official proof of student status by their current school. Documents in language other than Chinese or English must be attached with notarized Chinese or English translation;

  • Duplicates of Graduate Certificate and Degree Certificate and exact English translation.

  • A Study Plan or Research Proposal in Chinese or English with a minimum of 800 words.

  • Two letters of recommendation in Chinese or English from professors or associate professors.

  • Originals of foreigners physical examination and the blood test report should be brought to China.

  • Notice:1)、Application materials will not be accepted by fax.     2)、Application materials will NOT be returned regardless of the result of application.

    The above Application Documents should be posted to the below address:
  • No. 3999, Binjiang Road, Jilin, Jilin, China. Beihua International Education Exchange Institute Office 111

  • Post Code: 132013; Tel: 0086-432-64608517; Fax: 0086-432-64608511

  • Email:

  • Deadline: 1th March.