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Visa and residence permit

(一) Apply for residence permit for the first time
1.International students who have studied in China for at least 1 year need to get residence permit, and students holding valid residence permit can exit and enter China.
2.Students holding X1 visa need to apply to the College of International Education & Exchange for residence permit within 30 days after arriving in China.
3.The following materials are needed in the first application of residence permit:
(1)Original passport,as well as the copies of the data page of the passport, visa page and the page with entry seal;
(2)The copy of “ the admission notice of Beihua University ”;
(3)The copy of “ visa application for study in China” ( JW 201 / JW 202 );
(4)Original residence permit by the College of International Education & Exchange;
(5)Foreigners Registration Form;
(6)Physical Examination Certificate of a designated hospital;
(7)Visa and residence permit application form;
(8)The barcode photo ( taken by authorized units of public security organs). This photo can be used in the application of residence permit extension.
(9)Expenses: RMB400: within less than 1 year; RMB 800: 1-3 years; RMB 1000: 3-5 years. At present, according to the concrete conditions, the residence permit is valid in 2 years in Jilin.
(二)The extension of residence permit
International students who decide to continue to study on the expiry of the residence permit shall apply for the extension of residence permit.

(三)The treatment measures for the overdue visa and residence permit

The students who failed to apply for an extension of visa or residence permit within the valid period are in condition of staying illegally. Those students need to apply for an extension at once and explain the delaying reason to public security organs in written form. The penalty for expiry is RMB 500 per day in principle.

(四)The change and cancellation of visa and residence permit
In the case of school roll changes (including the condition of suspending schooling, transferring to another school, or dropping out), the students need to cancel the previous visa or residence permit, or the university will not allow the roll changes.