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Chinese Bridge The cultural quality development activities of foreign students in Jilin are held in our school时间:2015-12-18

On September 29th, "Chinese Bridge The cultural quality development activities of foreign students in Jilin" were held in the foreign students cultural experience base in our school. Su Zhongmin, deputy director of the Education Department of Jilin Province, Li Yanzhong, our school principal attended the launching ceremony.

  The event is one of the series activities of " Kong Zi college day" and "Chinese bridge" sponsored by the Jilin Provincial Education Department of international cooperation and exchanges, aiming at improving the Chinese cultural quality of the students in China, strengthening the international promotion of Chinese language. As the organizer, our school organized and participated in the event.

  In the speech of Su Zhongmin, he introduced the overall situation of education and quality training in Jilin Province in China. Li Yanzhong introduced the development of International Education in our school. Our Antigua and Barbuda student representative Chris spoke in representation of the foreign students who took part in the activity.

   More than 180 foreign students in our school and more than 40 foreign students from Northeast Electric Power University attended the activity, they carried on an understanding and study of the Northeast culture, language and culture in Jilin area, History of Jilin City, diet and wine culture, film and art and so on.

   Hu Renyou, the director of Jilin Provincial Department of Education International Exchange and cooperation presided over the launching ceremony, more than 30 responsible persons from International exchanges and cooperation department in various universities in the province attended the launching ceremony.

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