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Notice on the public selection for the 2+2 double degree program to Japan时间:2018-12-22

According to Beihua University and Osaka University of Economic and Law in Japan and Hokuriku university in Japan, the educational exchange agreement for joint talent-training program, undergraduate students in sophomore year on campus can study in the Japanese university for two years since junior, during this period, they are exempt from Beihua university for campus tuition and accommodation fees. When graduated in Japan, they will be awarded the international recognized diplomas and degree certificates separately by both side of Chinese and Japan university . At present, this project has sent a total number of three batches of 26 students, and there are a batch of students successfully graduated.

一、Intended learning time :in April 2012

二、The selection scope:

(1)Osaka University of Economic and Law in Japan: Japanese major sophomore students in our university, to study economics or law majors in Janpan.

(2)Hokuriku university in Japan: sophomore students of Foreign Language Institute and the College of Management to study related majors in the peer university.

三、Qualifications for selection:

1、Loving our motherland, with a high moral character and good moral quality.

2、The purpose of going abroad is clear, strong organizational discipline, physical and mental healthy, no bad habits.

3、Having a certain economic foundation.

4、Passing all your learning courses before studying abroad, academic record and comprehensive assessment remain good or above.

5、Good grades in English, and have a certain foundation in Japanese.

6、Willing to comply with the relevant provisions of the school public exchange program.

7、Parents have no illegal records to the destination country.

四、Dispatch procedure

1、The Division of International Education Exchange is responsible for the publicity notice to entire school.

2、Students who are Intended to participate in the exchange program and in accordance with the students’ rules, please fill in the "Beihua University School of international exchange students studying abroad exchange application form" based on your transcript.

3、The Institute of international Education Exchange is responsible for organizing the enrolled students to interview, and according to the students' learning performance, personality, Japanese basis, comprehensive performance in school ,and whether they are suitable for this exchange program, to select with a fair, just and open principles.

4、After Qualified interviewing, students will receive the approval form, then through preliminary examination by your institute , and countersigning by Student Affairs Office and Academic Affairs Division, finally report to the head of the principal for approval.

5、The Institute of International Education Exchange will reach an agreement with students and is responsible for the formalities for going abroad.

6、After confirmation of the list for students studying abroad, university will publish formal notice and record in the Academic Affairs Division.

五、Contact Method:

1、Address:The Institute of International Education Exchange Room 111 of Beihua University.

2、Tel:64608507 64608508

Registration deadline: April 10, 2011

Project Advantages:

(1)Students may apply for the high scholarship during studying period, equivalent to derate one year tuition;

(2)Students can work during the day in university, tuition fees and living expenses can guarantee subsistence;

(3)Students can enjoy during the studying period for the Japanese national treatment: public health care;

(4)After graduation, students can directly apply to the Japanese national university for postgraduate studies;

(5)You may apply for Japan work visa after graduation, for long-term residency;

(6)Proficient in three languages, with good job prospects when back in China, the employment rate remains high.

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