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Publicity for 2015 National Scholarship Funding studies abroad personnel selection时间:2018-12-22

Publicity for 2015 National Scholarship Funding studies abroad personnel selection

According to the "Educational cooperation agreement between the Ministry of Education of People's Republic of China and the Ministry of Education and Science of Russian Federation”, as well as reached an agreement with Humanities Cooperation Agency Russian. China sends scholarship students studying abroad each year to Russian learning, study or work in the scientific research colleges and universities. China annually selecte scholarship students studying abroad to Russia institutions of higher learning, studying or engaging in scientific research work. Our university and Vladivostok State University of Economy and Service carried out cooperation training projects for Russian major , students can participate in the "Sino-Russian government scholarship" project, as undergraduate students ,they are able to receive recommended qualification to study for a master's degree in Russian,only two recommended places.

Upon applications by students themselves, the Institute of Public Foreign Language Education in our university will carry out recommendation and open selection, according to the regulations of "2015 national scholarship funding studies abroad personnel selection rules" ,as Russian major students of grade 2011, Sun Yuanyue and Zhang Yu Xin got not less than 85 points of average score at school and have achieved outstanding scores with their Russian professional courses. They both received Sino-Russian government scholarship to study for a master's degree in Russian, now for publicity . The publicity period lasts 5 working days from today ,that is, March 25th, 2015—March 29th, 2015, where there are objections to the above publicity, please call the Division of International Education &Exchange of Beihua University , 0432-64608515.

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